You say Goodnight and go to bed. You get up and say Good Morning. Do you dream in-between? Well Community, we want you to go on a journey and solve tasks to awaken again. In your dreams are you jumping over canyons on a motorbike, deepsea fishing in the Pacific, prepping your rocket for takeoff? Maybe you are just trying to figure out how to make a new cocktail, or learn a new language? Well community, we want your input on how you would like to spend some time playing out some dream scenarios, and collecting Easter egg NFTs whilst doing so! Complete the challenges of a dream before you wake up! And move onto the next one!


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Dreambased Gaming Project

We are planning to develop an Escape Room game.

Earn NFT’s

The fastest will be rewarded with NFT’s at the end of the month.

Rare NFT’s

Find rare NFT easter eggs during the game.


Phase 1

Deploy Smart Contract
Stealth Launch
Community Build
Community Competitions
Launch Website

Phase 2

Team expansion
R & D

Phase 3

Aggressive marketing
Coinsniper and Poocoin Ads
Twitter Influencers
Reddit Posts

Phase 4

Coingecko and CoinMarketCap listing

Phase 5

Smart Contract Audit
Trust Wallet Application
CEX Applications

Phase 6:

Launch GMGN Escape Room



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